Ignasi Cristià Studio

We are a studio dedicated to the creation of spaces. We work in the fields of museography, scenography, architecture, audio-visual production, interior design and corporate space design, specializing in the creation of creative spaces that communicate and produce experiences. 

The services we offer include design and comprehensive project management, which can range from consulting and conceptualization to execution and communication, all with the aim of generating a connection between people and spaces.

We design conceptual-thematic projects to create spaces with personality and an intense symbolic power, based on the values the client wants to transmit. The projects are also communicative, since we explain a topic or display a product in an original way; and they are immersive in order to generate new perceptions and stir the viewers’ emotions. All without sacrificing functionality and aesthetics.


Working method

At our Studio we take on the challenge of creating spaces using a working method that can encompass all the project development phases:

Conceptual study We undertake an initial conceptual study, in collaboration with the client, that lets us specify the content and feelings we need transmit in order to immerse people in the space.

Project design Based on a synthetic effort to join the conceptual goals with the desired functionality, we devise a comprehensive project in the area of museography, scenography, architecture, interior design or audio-visual production.

Execution At our Studio we offer a comprehensive project management service, from design to execution, in collaboration with trusted professionals from all disciplines.

Communication We also offer a communication and promotion service that includes brand creation and naming, graphic design and marketing elements, as well as a strategic marketing-communication plan.


Ignasi Cristià Studio is made up of a team of professionals with complementary profiles, capable of providing creative and effective responses across different disciplines, including museography, scenography, architecture and interior design. We aim to reinvent ourselves with each project and to provide solutions that respond to the needs of each client, while surprising an increasingly demanding audience.

Ingasi Cristià

Ignasi Cristià is a playwright and set designer who specializes in the design of immersive spaces, with more than 25 years of experience. He has designed all kinds of spaces from museums and exhibitions to corporate spaces, sets for theatre and opera, as well as multiple audio-visual productions. His creations are characterized by inciting a sensory connection between people and spaces.

The confluence between his training in stage design and dramaturgy, combined with musical and theatrical training as a singer and actor, provide Ignasi Cristià with a multifaceted vision when it comes to approaching projects. This special artistic sensitivity is reflected in the creativity of his spatial interventions, which take into account the perspectives of both professionals and visitors. He has a well-honed ability to conceptualize projects, making them attractive and easy to understand for the target audience, without sacrificing precision in how the content is treated.

His teaching abilities have also led to work as a professor of the aforementioned subjects at different higher education centres:

Professor of acting for singing students at the Conservatori Professional de Música de Badalona; Visiting professor for the Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage Management and Museology at the University of Barcelona; Visiting professor in the History Department at the University of Barcelona; Visiting professor at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona for a quarterly course; Visiting professor at the Institut del Teatre to direct the conception, design and production of Catalonia’s stands for the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space; Masterclass at the IED Centro Superior de Diseño de Madrid; Guest lecturer for ANABAD (Spanish Federation of Associations of Archivists, Librarians, Archaeologists, Museologists and Documentalists); Lecturer for the team of public employees at the Diputació de Barcelona who work in cultural heritage; Guest of the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona for the series “Llegir l'escena” with the set designer Sebastià Brosa; Guest lecturer for the interior design conference at the Escola d'Art i Disseny de Reus; Master class at the Escola Massana de Barcelona; Guest lecturer for the Subdirectorate General of National Museums of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of the Government of Spain; Lecturer for the presentation of the Sant Salvador Pavilion at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site in Barcelona; Presentation with Eva Martínez at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the URV (Universitat Rovira i Virgili); Speaker at the VII conference of the Xarxa de Museus Marítims de la Costa Catalana, among others.


  • Degree project prize from the Institut del Teatre (class of 1989).
  • Honourable Mention for the project Die Zauberflöte by W. A. Mozart (Association of Friends of the Opera of Oviedo), 1990.
  • Ciutat de Barcelona Prize 1998 for dramatic arts for Romy and July.
  • Auriga 2013 award for the best exhibition on the ancient world for El poder de la bellesa.

Ana Fernández is an architect and project manager specialized in interior design and product design. Her professional career has centred on rehabilitation and interior design in the field of architecture, as well as the design of spaces and temporary elements associated with the world of museography, providing a vision that is both aesthetic and technical.

Sandra Vicente is an architect and technical development manager. She began her professional career after completing a Master's degree in Contemporary Design, where she gained knowledge that later led her into the world of interior design, space design and projects related to museography.

Iago Blasi is a scriptwriter and filmmaker and holds an undergraduate degree in History. The order can be changed according to the needs of each particular project. He entered the field of museography following a lengthy career in advertising, carrying over the ability to synthesize messages, an appreciation for detail, and the aesthetic treatment of images. 

Sergi Martín is a scriptwriter and writer. As a student at the ESCAC (University of Barcelona), he specialized in scriptwriting. Since then he has developed content for documentaries, communication campaigns and television programs, both in Spain and in the United States. The application of narrative techniques in cultural promotion is his main activity, whether in audio-visual, literary or exhibition format.

The Studio also has an extensive network of collaborators with specialized training and aptitudes, which allows us to assemble specific teams with the ideal professionals for each new project, under the direction of Ignasi Cristià.